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300 Years of Distance Learning

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National Geographic News followed the evolution of distance learning and discovered it has been around for centuries!

Posted by Brian Clark Howard of National Geographic News on February 23, 2012

With the rapid advancement of the Internet, distance learning is becoming more popular, and more accessible, than ever. Even big-name institutions like Harvard are increasing their offerings of online-only instruction.

Distance learning has been around for at least three centuries, as this infographic suggests, from humble beginnings to its modern delivery today.

Old-fashioned correspondence courses at one time gave way to studies aided by radio, television, the Internet, and now mobile applications.

This graphic follows its evolution from 1700′s America, through the War Years and on to The Open University and new online distance learning environments like Moodle.

What will the future hold? Would you take an online-only degree? Or will distance learning always fall short?

The History of Distance Learning
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‘The History of Distance Learning’ courtesy of Brighton School of Business and Management.

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