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6 Resume Mistakes

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We found resume mistakes that made us cringe- and had to share them with you! If you have a small course load this summer, use the time to review your resume, even if you’re not actively looking for jobs. Review your resume now to make sure you don’t make these simple,yet oh so critical top 6 resume mistakes!

Resume Mistakes

  1. Not following the job application instructions: Follow the instructions. If it asks you to send a cover letter, resume, and references, only send those items. Don’t send anything extra, like writing samples. You’re just wasting the recruiters/HR representatives’ time. Having to open unnecessary documents will likely irritate them.
  2. Inconsistent formatting: If you bold type one job title, bold type them all. Use italicized words consistently, and similar fonts/font sizes throughout. Have someone else look for just formatting errors on your resume. A different set of eyes finds things that you may have missed.
  3. Incorrect Salutation: If you know the first name of the person reviewing your resume, find out if they are female and male and accurately refer to her or him as Madam or Sir. If unsure, use both.
  4. Way too many bullets: If using bullets to list your former job responsibilities, use up to 4 bullets to get your point across. Take out tasks that are less important, irrelevant, or redundant.
  5. No punctuation: Particularly important on your cover letter. Sentences end with a period. Period. Make sure you end all complete sentences with punctuation.
  6. Run-on sentences: This is especially important if your job requires a lot of writing or if its in the education field. Future supervisors don’t want to have to worry about the new person using poor grammar.

Have more resume mistakes or tips you want to share? Let us know in the comments!

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