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A Must-Have Checklist

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Having a checklist for the end of a semester helps you keep in mind where you need to focus your time & energy. Create a checklist early – don’t procrastinate! Start making your list about 1 month before the semester ends by thinking about the major tasks first, such as dates of exams and due dates Then add specific tasks related to studying or completing a special end of semester project or paper. Be sure to list school-related items only!

Here’s how to get started!

Add Deadlines & Exam Dates

When’s the last day you can turn in your assignments? When is your big paper due? Add these dates to your checklist first. If a final exam is part of your course syllabus, figure out when the exam will be held or the date it’s due to your professor (for take-home & at-your-own pace exams). If you aren’t sure about a deadline, email your professor now so you can get a response sooner than later.

To recap, include the dates of these items on your checklist:

  • All final exam dates
  • Due date(s) for all papers and/or special projects
  • The last day you can submit any assignments

Add Specific Tasks

Great! Now switch gears to the specific tasks. Specific tasks are certain actions you need to take in order to prepare for your exams, tests, and papers. Studying, reviewing, writing, practicing, and memorizing are some examples. Below is a breakdown of the specific tasks you may want to include for a Math exam.

Sample Tasks for Math Exam on May 11th

  • Practice textbook practice problems from chapter 9 & chapter 10
  • Review equations from course study guide
  • Practice homework math problems and check my answers
  • Practice textbook practice problems from chapter 11

Does that make sense? Writing detailed tasks on your checklist gives you a specific focus when you are studying for final exams. It also helps you understand the exact things you need to do between now and the exam date.

Checklist Task Examples for Writing Papers

For those who have a paper due at the end of the semester, here are some examples of tasks to include on your checklist:

  • Develop a thesis statement
  • Research topic
  • Create outline for paper
  • Write a draft of the body of the paper
  • Revise the first 3-5 pages* of draft
  • Write the introductory paragraph
  • Revise the last 6-10 pages* of draft
  • Write the conclusion
  • Reread the entire paper and revise
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*The number of pages to revise will vary depending on the required length of your paper. Revise up to 5 pages at one time.

Use your checklist as a tool for managing your time between now and the end of the semester. Reference the due dates and deadlines to figure out how much time you have to complete the tasks.When will you start studying or preparing your paper? Is this time frame realistic? Be sure to give yourself enough time to prepare for end of semester exams. Remember, you want to start studying your notes at least 12 days before an exam, not a few days before it.

What are you putting on your end of semester checklist? We’d love to see your thoughts!

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