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Meet Nick, he’s a 30-something year old online student who just started taking classes to complete his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. When he graduated from high school, he went to college for four years and ended his schooling to pursue a career in retail.  He had a blast living on-campus, attending in-person, traditional classes but now, with just 15 credits left, he’s taking a different path to get his degree. 

Nick brings a fresh perspective to what it’s like to be an online student.  He’s taking one 3-credit class that wraps up in a few weeks.  Check out out what he has to say about his experience in a 300-level course!

In addition to school, what other work, family, and personal responsibilities do you have on a daily basis?

I work 40 hours a week in a very busy retail store.  I try to get in a few workouts here and there, but its hard.

How do you manage your stress?

I don’t get stressed out that terribly but when I do, I watch TV (my favorite is Sports Center on ESPN) to take my mind off things! 

On average, how many hours per week do you spend studying and preparing for your courses?

8 – I am taking one class.

What is your favorite time of day to study?

I work on homework usually during the evening.  I don’t really have a “favorite” time of day to study.  Whatever works with my schedule is when I study!

What are some awesome study techniques that work for you?

I try to make what I am learning about relevant to my life and experiences to help me stay interested in doing the work.

What do you like best about your education program?

Right now, I like how easy and interesting the class is.  Ask me again a few courses later, and I don’t know!

What would you change, if anything, about your education program?

Hmm…good question. I would probably change the assignments to have less writing assignments and more take-home exams.

What are your goals for the current semester?

My number one goal is to pass this class with an A or B.

What advice do you have for other distance learners?

Start your homework early! When I first started my class, I waited until the day before to start the assignment. I quickly learned that was a bad idea.



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