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About Us

edgab is a small team of experts dedicated to helping you succeed in online learning. We provide proven study tips and learning strategies specifically for learning online.  Our goal is to transform the distance learning process by providing you with a supportive community where you can share ideas and get the tools you need to succeed in your online class. Taking a modern, interactive approach to distance education, edgab is transforming the ways through which students experience distance education.

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We are all about YOU

We don’t promote a long list of online programs or degrees. If that’s your goal – cool, but that’s not us.  We live for seeing you succeed. Taking an online class requires unique skills and strategies different from the traditional face-to-face class. We know this because we’ve been there.  In 2011, edgab was developed by a former online student who wanted to make sure other online learners were equipped with the right tools and tips to be successful. In addition to sharing our own expertise, we also share real stories of students’ experiences in our Student Spotlights.


edgab helps you be successful in online classes

Through our resources and services, we can help you develop effective learning habits, understand the most effective ways to study, and ace your online class, whether it’s completely online or blended. In addition to helping you succeed during class, we help prepare you for the career you want through our resume and job resources and services.


edgab provides a place to connect with people taking online classes

Taking an online class is a big decision! We want you to feel supported and connected to others instead of challenged and isolated. We’ve created a forum you can use to ask questions about your class, share notes, post your accomplishments, vent your frustrations, find or create a local study group, and more. Since the edgab team is all about your online success, we are pretty active in the forum.


We provide increased access to information you can actually use

Our goal is to support you in reaching your full potential through round the clock access to information that enhances the learning process. Our experts stay current on research and trends in order to provide you with the must-know study tips and strategies you can use to achieve your goals.

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