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Learn SMARTER…not Harder

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For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them
Greek Critic & Philosopher

Did someone ever teach you how to swim? Maybe a coach, parent, or friend told you how to move your legs. For most of us,  we didn’t “learn” how to swim until we actually got into the water and did it. There’s only so many times we can listen to someone tell us about the process.  To truly understand it, we have to experience and live it.

Doing something, as opposed to just reading about it improves learning.  Experiential learning or “learning by doing” can occur with or without a college professor present. To become actively involved with your material, make the decision to participate in and actively learn from your experiences. Getting directly involved with what you are learning enhances memory, knowledge, & retention…all of which are critical to succeeding in your online class success and getting the job you want now or in the future.  Here are some ways you can get active in your learning:

  • Take notes on reading assignments
  • Complete the practice problems in your textbook
  • Make & study flashcards to memorize key terms & theorists
  • Repeat aloud the information you’re learning about
  • Take notes on discussion board posts

Read on for more ways to actively study & learn in your online classes!

Teach the Material to Someone Else

Take a recently learned skill, strategy, or technique and teach it to others via edgab workshops or on youtube. For example, if reading about the Addie Model, begin designing a 5-minute video about how to use the model in designing curriculum. Submit it to edgab as a workshop to post on our site for others to use.

For Example

Not fond of being videotaped? Design a step-by-step document that explains the learned skill, strategy, or technique to help others learn about it. Submit it to edgab and we will post it to our Tips & Strategies, published by you.

Online Videos

Use the Internet to find a how-to video or lecture on a current topic you’re studying and practice the skill alongside the presenter or take detailed notes on it.

Events & Study Groups

Plan a breakout session with local students in your area studying the same topic. Organize a date and time to meet at a public place to discuss a, b, and c. Search local classifieds for events and use meetup to find an organized event covering a topic in your field.

Move forward from the readings and take advantage of the active ways you can discuss and experiencing what you are learning.

We Learn 10% of what we read…, 20% of what we hear…, 30% of what we see…, 50% of what we see and hear…, 70% of what we discuss…, 80% of what we experience…, 95% of what we teach others.

Hey! Any thoughts?