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4 Apps for Busy Students

by edgab

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Simplenote, GumNotes, and Dragon Dictation are essential productivity apps for people on the go.  Whether hooked to your iPhone or personal computer, one of these applications will keep up with your busy schedule and help you take notes.   These apps are great for taking quick text and voice notes and creating reminders for yourself on your computer. There’s even one to help you see while rummaging around late at night!


Simplenote is easy to use and lets you jot down your thoughts and organize them by tag.  Later, you can search note contents and tags to find what you need quickly.  Keep notes and lists on the web, your phone, and your computer with Simplenote. Check it out for yourself!

Simplenote Features & Info:

Works with: iPad, iPhone, & iPod

Primary Use: Creating quick notes

Best for:

  • Organizing notes by topic
  • People who want a quick, easy way to document notes and reminders


Stick notes to your Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents, emails, websites, contacts, appointments, and more!  GumNotes is an easy to use virtual sticky note that shows your notes/reminders when you need them.  When you are on a website, working on a document, or reading an email, attach a note or reminder to it using GumNote.  Next time you open that item, the note pops up.  Great for reminders, writing notes while reading articles or books online, and making notes while participating in an online class. Learn more about GumNotes.

GumNotes Features & Info:

Works with: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

Primary Use: Taking notes and creating reminders on your computer

Best for:

  • Taking notes while reading online articles or books, websites, or emails
  • Creating study reminders while reviewing typed notes
  • Remembering important topics, dates, and to-dos

Dragon Dictation

Download Dragon Dictation to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to turn your speech into a text memo, note,or random thought. Great for busy people always on the go. Create a memo about where you left off in your reading assignment, a note about an email, or a random thought about your studies.

Dragon Dictation Features & Info:

Works with: iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch

Primary Use: Converting Speech notes into text

Best for:

  • Cramming for a test
  • Remembering key points, terms, or topics
  • People on the go
  • Creating quick notes & study reminders

Other Fun Apps:
iHandy Flashlight for iPhone or Tiny Flashlight LED for Android

Need to study without waking your kids or roommate? Searching for something at the bottom of your backpack or purse?  Download the iHandy Flashlight app for iPhone or the Tiny Flashlight LED for Android for a quick, simple light for all-night studying.  Both apps have a variety of color and flash options. 

Primary Use: Seeing in the Dark

Best for:

  • Reviewing your notes at night
  • People with roommates or children who wake up when a light is on
  • Showing off to your friends and family

These easy to use, productivity apps can keep up with your busy schedule and help you remember everything!  Know other awesome ways to use these apps? Have other apps to add to our list?  Let us know by adding it to comments!

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