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Discussion Board Checklist

by edgab



Posting to discussion boards is a common part of an online course. The quality and frequency of your discussion posts often factor into your final grade.  These should be easy points to get, but we know sometimes, that’s easier said than done! Lack of direction can leave us feeling clueless about what to write and waiting until the last minute can cause us to leave out some of the important stuff. Here’s an easy-to-use checklist to help you post meaningful discussions & get those points!

In a previous post on discussion boards, we outlined general guidelines to posting.  Using these guidelines, we created a helpful checklist you can use before posting to  a discussion board that’s super easy to use

Before hitting submit, answer these questions to make sure you covered the basics:

  • Did I respond to all of the readings outlined in the discussion thread instructions?
  • Did I clearly reference the text, add my input, and back it up with scholarly evidence?
  • Did I note the specific thread or post I’m responding to in the subject?
  • Did I include correct citations & a reference list?
  • Is my post clear & free of unnecessary/extra words?
  • Did I not just write: “I agree, great post” or “Nice comment, good job”?

Find a printable version here! Posting to discussion boards can be tricky.  Use this checklist & check out our other post on general guidelinesAfter your first few posts, you’ll start to get the hang of it and posting will become easier and faster!

What other questions are important to ask yourself before hitting that submit button? Share your suggestions with us below!

Hey! Any thoughts?