The Essential Hub for Distance Learners


  • What is Distance Learning?

    Distance learning is a process of gaining new information that physically separates the teacher from students and in many cases, each student from one another.  Students learn through remote methods, such as videoconferencing, webcasts, instructional videos, CDS, DVDS, MP3 recordings, and web-based platforms such as Moodle or Blackboard. Instructors communicate most often via the web by email or in a learning management system. As a result, students experience some form of change–cognitively, emotionally, socially, and/ or physically. 

  • What is edgab?

    edgab is an innovative place designed exclusively to meet the needs of nontraditional students. Taking a modern approach to distance education, edgab is transforming the ways in which students experience distance education. We socialize remote learning experiences through round-the-clock access to peers, information, and edgab support. We offer a distinct place where distance learners come together to network, receive advanced levels of support, and feel connected to their education.

  • What’s the goal of edgab?

    Our goal is to eliminate the sense of isolation, disconnect, and depersonalization that many students face in distance education programs by emphasizing community, interaction, and experiential activities. We strongly believe that with increased resources and expanded support systems, distance learning can be rewarding and meet the needs of students.

  • What is the biggest frustration students have with distance learning?

    Over and over again, a sense of isolation and disconnect comes up. After a semester of unreachable professors, little peer-to-peer support, and minimal access to basic information, many students give up.

  • What can I get from edgab’s website? 

    You have constant access to immediate support, relevant information, and a sense of connection. Essentially, we provide that on-campus feeling in your off-campus experience. We motivate students to accomplish their goals and offer that extra support that distance education programs sometimes lack. We offer students the supportive class full of other students. We are the teachers peering over your shoulder, asking questions, and giving you advice after class.


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