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Coaching FAQs

  • What happens after I sign-up for coaching?
    Shortly after you sign up for a coaching package, you will receive a quick form to complete that covers your goals and intentions behind getting a coach. Then, one of our coaches will contact you to begin the coaching process.
  • How can an academic coach help me?
    Our coaches will provide you with the tools and strategies you need to  be successful in school and beyond. Examples of topics covered in coaching include:
    • Online learning strategies
    • Transitioning to college
    • Study habits & reading strategies
    • Time management, accountability, & motivation
    • Learning styles identification & more
  • What can I expect from a writing coach?
    Our writing experts know what you are writing is important to you. We work with you to turn obstacles into opportunities, help lower insecurities with writing, and instill lasting writing skills. Examples of topics covered in a writing coach session includes:
    • APA tips & tricks
    • Paragraph structure
    • Supporting your ideas with evidence
    • In-text citations & more
  • Can I choose how I contact my coach?
    Absolutely! You choose the primary method of communicating with your coach – email, phone, or video. You will be provided with the email and phone number of your coach or mentor.
  • What do I need to do when I work with a coach/mentor?
    We will ask you to complete a short questionnaire prior to the first meeting. Then, you’ll be responsible for communicating with your coach, participating in the sessions,  and keeping track of all scheduled sessions.
  • Who are edgab coaches?
    edgab coaches reside throughout the United States. They hold Graduate Degrees and have extensive experience working with students. Our coaches are required to possess a commitment to helping each student turn a personal vision into a reality, student success,  as well as a sound knowledge of the learning process.
  • What if I don’t see a package that meets my needs?
    We create custom packages all the time and would be happy to make one with you! Tell us what you’re looking for here.
  • Why do people get an academic coach?
    People sign up for a coach for many reasons; some common ones include:
    • Previous academic hardships
    • Limited technical skills
    • Gift from family or friends
    • Working full-time & going to school
    • Taking a writing intensive or research course
    • Academic & life changes
    • Motivation & to remain on track
    • Start of the academic year
    • Transferring to a new college
  • What’s the turnaround time for proofreading from my writing coach?
    Coaches begin working on projects usually within 1-12 business hours of receiving your document. The turnaround time is based on the length of your document.  On average, documents are returned within 2-5 days.  Faster turnaround is available with an extra fee.   Don’t wait until the last minute! To speed up the process, send us half of your document while you finish the second half.
  • What do writing coaches look for when proofreading?
    Our proofreaders look for spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, referencing, and layout errors.  They tailor proofreading based on the project’s instructions and coaches also provide suggestions for how you can improve the document.
  • What is edgab’s coaching model?
    edgab coaching is action-orientated and focused on creating solutions. We concentrate on providing you with the tools, resources, and support needed to achieve your academic and life goals. Our coaching model takes a student-centered approach and initially asks each student, What do you want to achieve? It includes 5 interconnected phases:
    1. Get Acquainted: The student-coach relationship forms by getting to know each other, developing trust, and collaborating to establish an edgab Contract.
    2. Skills Assessment: The student completes the questionnaire and discusses areas for change with her or his coach.
    3. Establish Shared Vision: The student and her or his coach determine and establish realistic, obtainable, measurable goals.
    4. Feedback Sessions: edgab calls this period “moving to next”. This process includes assessment and analysis. The coach develops and implements a plan to address the student’s goals, encouraging forward thinking and movement.
    5. Evaluation: This phase occurs once the student and coach determine a selected goal is achieved. Accomplishing a goal can take a few weeks or an entire semester depending on the intensity of the goal. The coach completes a thorough evaluation summary for the student.


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