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Figure it Out with Sequence Charts

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Sequence charts breakdown an event or process in chronological order. When you don’t understand something, use a sequence chart to figure it out on your own. Because online or distance learning often requires you to be more independent when learning, it’s beneficial to apply a sequence chart (or other tool posted on the WeBoard) when learning about complex problems, events, people, or systems. These tools often take the place of the student sitting next to you or professor answering an immediate question.

What are Sequence Charts?

A sequence chart is a tool that gives you structure needed to break down a process or system. Events usually don’t happen in isolation and sequence charts help you see that. They also help you understand how things fit together, giving you a better understanding of the material.

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How & When to Use Sequence Charts

Use a sequence chart when you come across a problem or process that you don’t completely understand. Print it out or draw your own diagram in your notebook. Identify one problem or process and identify each of the steps involved.

How to Start:

  1. Determine a process you want to learn more about
  2. Identify the first step in the process (use your readings/textbook for help!)
  3. Identify the second step, third, and so forth

Examples of When to Use a Sequence Chart

A sequence chart is helpful in several different courses, from Math to Science. Use a sequence chart to:

  • Identify the steps in a math problem
  • Learn the events that take place in Chemistry
  • Breakdown the steps you would take to apply a theory in real-life situations
  • List events from a specific time period

Course-Specific Examples:

  • In Education – to list the steps in developing a specific curriculum
  • In Math – to see which step(s) in the equation is causing you to get the wrong answer
  • In Business – to examine the possible outcomes in applying a certain structure or strategy
  • In Computer Technology – to understand how to complete a technical task

Get creative with sequence charts! They are effective in many different subjects. Have you used a sequence chart or something similar? Share your experiences and thoughts with others in the comments section!

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