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Daylight Savings: How to Adjust

by edgab


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Spring forward it’s daylight savings! The good news is that we get more daylight. The bad news…it can take a toll on our bodies, physically, mentally, & emotionally.  According to, it can take anywhere from 1 to 21 days to recover from this change in our routine.  The impact daylight savings has on sleep has been found to lower productivity and increase cyberloafing, which is when we search aimlessly around on the web instead of doing work.


Stay productive and maintain positive physical, mental, and emotional health with these tips for adjusting to daylight savings.


  • Get about 10-15 minutes of sunlight: Sun gives our body Vitamin D which helps promote an overall positive mood
  • Exercise: 30-60 minutes of exercise a day is beneficial for boosting mood, productivity, overall health, and improved sleep
  • Drink Water: Dehydration on top of losing an hour of sleep can make us more sluggish.  Aim for 8 glasses of water a day if you aren’t a typical water drinker; if you normally fuel on water, aim for 10-12 glasses a dayfoods high in zinc
  • Eat foods high in Zinc: Zinc helps boost the immune system, which can easily deteriorate with less sleep or irregular sleep patterns



What do you do to adjust to daylight savings?

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