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Online Professor Pet Peeves

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Online students aren’t the only ones getting annoyed in the classroom. Believe it or not, online professors do too! Just ask Guide, Jamie Littlefield. After reaching out to numerous educators, she found exactly what annoys online professors. Their pet peeves range from overly dependent learners to misspelled words. Check them out!


Lacking the required course resources is an online professor pet peeve! However, simply having the resources won’t get you in the clear; make sure you understand them too!

Some online students tend to not have required resources or the lack of knowledge understanding the resources. – Guest Online Instructing

Misspellings & Shorthand

Online students who don’t use spell check and use shorthand to cut back on the number of letters is a major pet peeve. It only takes about a minute to run spell check, so do it! Misspelled words is definitely not college-level work. Shorthand is for taking notes, texting, and writing love letters, it is not for email, discussion boards, and papers.

One of my pet peeve is when people misspell words instead of spelling the words correctly for instance the word forever to make it short for them the word becomes 4-ever or 4-real it really aggravates me when I see precious words be changed. – Guest Lisa S.

Misspellings is inexcusable with spell and grammar check in this day and age. Points off with misspellings, etc. If high standards are not maintained our education goes down. – Guest Gayla C.

Missing Info

Forgetting to include your name and course name or section in emails or on your papers is a big no-no. Online professors often have hundreds or even thousands of students each semester. They don’t want to take the time to scroll through each roster to find out who you are. Writing our name on a paper is something we’ve done since the first grade, don’t stop now!

Biggest pet peeve? When students don’t include their course name or section number information. This forces me to look through the roster of EVERY gradebook to find him/her. It saves both of us time if they just include this information in each email communication. – Guest Anonymous

Dependent Learners

Dependent learners as a pet peeve is an eye-opener for many online and traditional students. College often requires students to work independently as well as with others. The professor is not the sole source of knowledge. Even though they bring knowledge to the table, online professors are not hired to drill knowledge into students’ brains. Through the structure professors provide, students develop lifelong skills of initiative, problem-solving, and a sense of ownership and become experts in their field. Don’t let this “pet peeve” stop you from reaching out to your professor and asking questions. Asking questions is part of the learning process. Remember, this is just one professor’s opinion!

My biggest pet peeve are students who are “dependent learners”. These students want the instructor to spray out the exact information that will be on the tests, verbatim. They dislike collaborative learning and small group. They complain that the teacher isn’t teaching when they are expected to be self-directed. They want to be spoon fed and don’t want to deal with the real-world difficulties of solving problems and working with others. These students tend to take up a lot of individual time from the instructor and spend a good deal of that time complaining. These students stand in stark contrast to the independent learners, who make the most of their learning experiences and adapt to different situations. These independent learners are bound for greater success in the world and they are a joy to teach. – Guest EProf

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Let’s turn the tables and talk about students’ pet peeves! What online professor behavior really annoys you? Share them below and we’ll compile a list of online student pet peeves!

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