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Pulling an All-Nighter

by edgab

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Sometimes, you have to pull an all-nighter in order to get everything in by the deadline.By all means, it’s not healthy to pull all-nighters; it messes with your emotional andphysiological wellbeing.However, at some point in college, you will likely have to do it.Here are 5 tips for pulling an all-nighter!

5 Tips for Pulling an All-Nighter

  1. Drink plenty of water

Planning for an all-nighter can cause you to head to the store and pick up all the caffeineyou can find!Drinking only caffeinated beverages like coffee, red bull, or soda is a temporary way to keep you alert and energized.Adding water to your regimen gives nourishment to your body.

Think of an all-nighter as a big race, minus all the training.It’s something out of the norm for your body.As a result, your body needs to produce extra energy to function.When your body needs energy to endure a long run or bike race, the number one way to fuel it is with water.So, for every can of red bull or cup of coffee, add a cup of water to the mix!

  1. Take the Next Day Off

Don’t try to work the next day.Actually, don’t work the next day, period.Plan to submit your assignments and go to sleep.Wake up before 5pm and then revert back to your regular routine of sleeping at night.

  1. Use the Time to Study

Just like any other study session, use the all-nighter for school-related items.Don’t give in to the temptation to clean the house, check Facebook, or watch TV.Focus on your goals!

  1. Choose a Productive Place to Sit

Situating yourself on the couch, bed, or in a comfortable chair to study is great….if you want to fall asleep!Rather than sitting in a place that encourages you to relax, sit upright in a dining room or desk chair.

  1. Eat

Fuel your body with the right foods.In addition to hydrating yourself with good old H2O, The Huffington Posts suggests citrus fruits, dark chocolate, salmon, eggs, beans, dark leafy greens, walnuts, and bran cereal.

Have you ever pulled an all-nighter? What are some dos and don’ts you can add for others?

Hey! Any thoughts?