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Are you a Visual Learner?

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Distance education can accommodate the visual learner. Visual learners learn and study best by seeing. Processing information on a computer screen via videos and discussion boards allows the visual learner to see the content as computer images. Think you might be a visual learner? Read on to learn more!

Qualities of a Visual Learner

Visual learners often:

  • Have a strong sense of color
  • Follow written directions well
  • Process oral information slowly
  • “Translate” word messages into pictures or images
  • Use mental pictures to remember things
  • Use visual representations, such as diagrams, videos, or graphs, to understand ideas
  • Remember something by seeing it
  • Conjure up the image of a form by seeing it in the “mind’s eye”
  • Get impatient when extensive listening is required
  • Prefer to take notes or draw pictures to absorb information
  • Learn better after seeing something on the computer screen or writing something

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Does this sound like you? Can you relate to the qualities that describe a visual learner? If several of these qualities describe you, you may be a visual learner! Share your comments below!

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