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Save Time with Symbaloo

by edgab


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Symbaloo is a free site that let’s you create pages of your favorite websites and most visited links. What do we love about it? It’s free, easy to use, and an effective way to organize the links you use in your online classes. Stop wasting time searching for your course login page, links to articles, and how-to guides. Get organized and save time with Symbaloo. Here’s how:

Get organized:

  • Create a specific Symbaloo page just for your online courses
  • Add public webmixes that already have the best links related to your online course
  • Bookmark writers & blogs associated to your studies

Save time by adding these most visited links in online learning to your Symbaloo:

  • Course login page
  • School webmail & library page
  • Online APA/MLA guides
  • Tech help site

More Reasons We Love Symbaloo

  • The colors & labels of links & even your webmix background image can be customized
  • Access your Symbaloo bookmarks 24/7
  • Works on all computer & mobile devices
  • Publicly share your webmixes or keep them private
  • Create a webmix from scratch or search and add a public one to your account

To learn more or create an account, visit Symbaloo. After creating an account account, you’ll find a preloaded webmix, which is a page containing popular news, social media, and shopping sites, such as, Google, Yahoo,and YouTube. See the different squares? These are tiles; each tile contains a link added by you!

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