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If you have a textbook for your course, use it! The SQ4R, a Textbook Reading and Study System, gives you plenty of opportunities to use your textbook. Francis Robinson, a psychologist at Ohio State University, developed the SQ4R during World War II. The SQ4R reading strategy is a great tool for understanding and remembering what you read in your textbook. It also helps you get interested in the information, and we all need that, right?


The components of SQ4R

  • S: Survey
  • Q: Question
  • 4R: Read, Record, Recite, Review

Before you do any reading, survey your textbook to familiarize yourself with its tools, resources, and overall format. Here’s how:

How to Survey your Textbook

  • Review the preface, introduction, & table of contents located in the front of a textbook
  • Explore the topics covered, order of material, study aids, & overall organization of the book

Now go to the back of the book and:

  • Check out the appendix, glossary, references, & bibliography
  • Make a note of the authors that can provide you with even more information in these sections

Why Survey the Textbook?

The Survey step is a means to understanding the information, so don’t skip it! It also helps you:

  • See the material as important and interesting
  • Understand the organization and features of the textbook
  • Increases your ability to use the book to its maximum potential (get your money’s worth!)

When surveying the textbook, you can relate what you find to information you already know; this is a vital step in the learning process! The more connections you can make between new information and information you already know, the better your chances to learn and recall the new content.

Now you’re ready to begin your assignments! See how to use the SQ4R reading method for your reading assignments here

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