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Stay Organized with Evernote

by edgab



Stay organized with Evernote, a free app that’s compatible with practically all devices (Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, & Blackberry).  Take a look at some of the top ways to use Evernote in your online classes.

Take Notes

  • Organize notes for each class in a separate notebook
  • Want to get more specific?  Create a “stack” of notebooks with separate notebooks for each topic in a class
  • Tip: A note can contain more than typed text! Add a note with images, file attachments, web articles, & more!

Clip & Save

The Evernote web clipper is an awesome way to help you use your time effectively.  With the Evernote web clipper, you can clip & save certain parts of a website in Evernote (essentially, it copies & pastes things for you in the exact format). With the web clipper, you can: 

  • Clip certain sections of a website or a whole page (you choose!)
  • It automatically saves the clipped items as a note so you can read at a later time  
  • All clipped  items maintain the exact format
  • Time Management Tip:  Give yourself 10 minutes to browse the web & clip prior to starting your schoolwork.  When your finished, go to Evernote and read away!

Learn more about Web Clipper here!

Plan for a Major Writing Assignment 

Do you have a paper to write? Create a notebook for each major writing assignment.

  • Add a note that contains a running reference list
  • Copy to a note the direct & indirect quotes you want to reference
  • As you do your course readings, use Evernote to type the quotes/summaries you will use in your paper
  • When ready to write the paper, simply copy & paste these notes into your word processing system
  • Tip:  You can attach files to a note! If you need to find additional resources for a paper, upload these articles into Evernote.  Just right click & “attach file”

Consider using Evernote to stay organized, save space on your computer, and be able to access your notes on several different devices.  Need more info?  Check out Evernote for more details.

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