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Strategies for Visual Learners

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Blank Organization Chart AND Blackboard (copy space)

Essential study strategies specifically for visual learners. The goal of any visual learner’s study or homework session is to create images for the content you are learning. Images can be formed on paper, whiteboards, and even in your head. Visual learners are usually able to also recall images of a textbook page they read. Think you might be a visual learner? Find out if you share the qualities of a visual learner!

Study Strategies for Visual Learners

Here are some great study strategies geared towards visual learners!

  • Take & review notes
  • Consider using a dry-erase board to organize the content
  • Use different color pens & highlighters for taking notes
  • Create visuals, such as mind maps & diagrams to organize concepts
  • Refer to your textbook’s visual aids (figures, charts, etc.)
  • Write personal summaries of the material
  • Make & use flashcards
  • Regularly review posts on your course discussion board

Still trying to wrap your brain around a concept or problem? Search for videos about what you are learning onYouTube or search Slideshare for slideshows.

Have you used these methods for studying? How have they worked for you? Can you recommend additional strategies for visual learners? We want to read your thoughts!

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