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Super App for Taking Notes

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Appointments, course notes, to-do lists, there’s so many things to remember.  Too many notes and you can lose them.  Too few, and you might miss an important topic in school.  Organize and keep track of all your notes and even your doctor appointments and schedule with Super Note.

Super Notes is what it says: super.  It’s also one of the most used note apps available.  Super Note allows you to create typed, text, and recorded notes and then organize them using color-coded templates or by topic.  Playback your recordings right from Super Note, email and share notes, download them to your computer via Wi-Fi, set reminders and alerts, create to-do lists, and more.

Super Notes Features & Info:

  • Works with: iPad, iPhone, iPod
  • Primary Use: Creating & Taking Notes

Note: Word to the Wise: When downloading Super Note, make sure you search for the icon that looks like a binder with index tabs sticking out. There are other wannabe super notes out there.

Best for:

  • Taking notes for several courses at once
  • People who type notes, copy/paste notes, or record notes
  • Organizing your school, home, & work life in one place

Is Super Note the App for You?

Sampling different apps can be fun, but it can also be time consuming.  To save you time, we compared Super Note to StudyBlue. See what we found in the Super note StudyBlue infographic below.

Check out Super note for yourself!



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