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study tips and strategies

WeBoard: Study Handouts & Tips

by edgab


Check the WeBoard often as its updated regularly! View, download, save, or print files from your board 24-hours a day! Studying & Content Organizers 6 Textbook Reading Strategies Study Strategies for Visual Learners Mind Mapping – Content Organizer Sequence Chart – […]

reading for college

Learn SMARTER…not Harder

by edgab

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For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them Aristotle Greek Critic & Philosopher Did someone ever teach you how to swim? Maybe a coach, parent, or friend told you how to […]

taking notes

How to Take Outline & Cornell Notes

by edgab

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Taking notes on your course readings is very important.  By not actually “sitting” in a lecture hall, it’s easy not take notes and just skim the readings to get the assignment done….don’t do that!! Sit down and read your course […]