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Lots to Do? Use a Timer App!

by edgab

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Do you ever find yourself watching TV,  scrolling through your facebook news feed or up with your kids only to realize you still haven’t started your reading assignments…and it’s 10:00pm?? You’ve got so much to do and so little time.  There’s homework to do, posts to review, papers to write, work, and even some fun activities with friends.  How do you get it all done and still get the grades you want??

Use a timer.

We love Google Chrome’s Timer app because it’s free, easy to use,  and requires no downloading of software.  When time is up, get a notification on your screen, a clock noise, or both. Using Google Chrome’s timer app is one way to effectively manage your time.  Why time your activities/tasks?  A timer confines a task and therefore, helps direct your attention just on that task.  It gives structure to your school tasks and helps you divide them wisely.

How to Use a Timer App

  • Estimate the approximate time it will take you to read an article, write a section of a essay, etc.
  • For each task, set aside a specific time you will do it
  • Set your timer and start the task

This strategy also helps you set and achieve goals, which can help you feel more motivated to complete the work to the best of your ability, rather than waiting until the last minute. Want more great information about timers? Check out Jason’s article at Lifehacker

Here’s an example of how you might use a timer:

  • Set it at 20 minutes to do read the first few pages of your DRAFT essay
  • Set it at 45 minutes and work on your readings for the week
  • Take a 10 minute timed, “surf the web” break
  • Set it at 45 minutes and work on your readings for the week

Got the idea?

Using a timer app is great for online learners because you have to put so much attention and effort into your course.  Get in control of your time with the Google Chrome timer app.  Not a fan of Google?? Check out free timer apps offered at  Mozilla or Apple, and of course, there’s your cell phone –  even the non-smartphones tend to have a timer in the alarm area.

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What apps do you love for managing time? Share your comments, good and bad, with the community!

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