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Late? Here’s what to Do!

by edgab

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12am deadline clock

Ever late with your homework?  If or when you are late, don’t freak out!

Here’s what to do when your assignment is late:

  • Contact your instructor via email and phone ASAP.  Don’t put it off. 
  • Be honest about why you were late, apologize, and briefly tell them how you will prevent it from happening in the future. 
  • Find out how the late assignment will affect your grade (if at all).  If it’s significant, see if you can complete extra work to make up for it. 
  • Also, you cannot be late again so make sure your on time, perhaps even early with your assignments.


Things come up that can cause your homework to be late. We want to hear about your experiences.  Have you handed in your homework late? What did you do and how did your professor respond? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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