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Recently, the edgab support team connected with Danielle, a graduate student in education to  As our featured student for November’s Day in the Life, she shares her experiences with studying, learning, stress, and much more!  Read on to get the inside scoop on her experience.

Meet Danielle, a full-time Graduate student studying Education.  Here’s what she has to say after 9 months in a distance education program.

In addition to school, what other work, family, and personal responsibilities do you have on a daily basis?

I work an average of 30 hours a week and live with my fiancé.  I try to make sure we eat at least 1 meal a day together to keep the spark alive (lol)!  My family is huge so they often want to hang out or need help with something.  As far as my personal responsibilities, school is first; however, I try to hang out with my friends and workout as much as possible.

How do you manage your stress?

Working out really helps me relax and regain focus.  I also remind myself that stressing out about school is short-term because I will graduate someday so if I stress out, it’s okay.

On average, how many hours per week do you spend studying and preparing for your courses?


What is your favorite time of day to study?

I absolutely love getting up before sunrise.  There’s something very calming about waking up before everyone else to be productive.  This is my favorite time to study because there are few distractions.  Also, I like starting my day with productivity—it’s a huge motivation booster!

What are some awesome study techniques that work for you?

Whenever I am reading a homework assignment or sitting in on a lecture, I always have my key terms notebook with me.  It has over 50 core terms that I’m learning about in my education courses.

Because I am a list person, my notes are written in that format.  A basic heading followed by subheadings, etc.  It works well for me!

What do you like best about your education program?

I absolutely love the flexibility of my classes.

What would you change, if anything, about your education program?

I would change the high tuition costs—it’s crazy!

What are your goals for the current semester?

My goal is to narrow down my second year area of expertise.  Right now, I am researching the ones I am interested in and over the winter break, I hope to decide.

What advice do you have for other distance learners?

Be passionate about the learning process.  My passion for learning helps me stay motivated and encourages me to constantly be in the know about what’s happening in education aside from what’s going on in my classes.

What are you looking forward to most about winter break?

The yummy food I get to eat during the holidays!

We loved getting to know Danielle and appreciated the time she took to answer our questions. Thanks Danielle, you rock!

Do you want to be featured in our upcoming Day in the Life? let us know. It’s fun and a great opportunity to impact other students.

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